Child Card Groups

When a single card is complex and covers a set of activities that need to be completed, try a child card functionality. Child cards (subcards) are collected inside child card groups. It is located in the card elements section.

If you click on a child card in the child card group, it will open up.

When you want to create a child card group inside the card:

  1. Click + Add element.
  2. Select  Child card group.
  3. Type a name and click Add.

Now you can add child cards by clicking the + Add child card button. 

See how to add a card relation.

You can convert the entire to-do list into a child card group. It will be created with the same name. You can choose a destination space and list where the child cards will be created.

The progress of the child card group completion is shown on the main icon circle. In the example below, two of the four cards have been completed, so half of the circle is bold.

To remove a child card group:

  1. Click on the three-dot menu button on the child card group top right corner.
  2. Select Remove.
  1. Confirm your action.


You can make a to-do list with specific steps to follow or create the child card group with new cards relating to smaller tasks.

This relation is based on a parent and child relation. Subcards (child cards) are taken into account in the work progress calculation of the main card.

Yes, KanBo provides automatic work progress calculation using the card elements like to-do lists and child card groups.

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