Uploading or Creating Documents in Cards

There are three ways of adding documents to cards. Open the KanBo and enter the space to upload or create documents in cards.

1. Upload documents using drag&drop

There are several methods to add documents to a card. You can simply drag and drop a document right to a card. It works both inside and outside a card, at the space view.

2. Add documents by pasting to the card

Try to add a new file by copying it and pressing CTRL+V on a card. It can be a screenshot as well as a file copied from your hard drive.

After entering a card, remember to click somewhere to activate this feature. It can be a grey card area or any other card section. Now you can press CTRL+V, and pasting the document will work.

There are 3 types of clipboard content that are supported by KanBo:

  1. Document – copy a document (one file) at File Explorer on your device and paste it onto a card
  2. Screenshot – take a screenshot and paste it onto a card
  3. Text – copy a text and paste it into the text field (as before)

Pasted files and images will be uploaded to a card in the same way as drag&drop uploading.

3. Add or create documents with the card elements menu

After entering a card more options are available. 

  1. Click + Add element button to open the card elements menu.
  2. The last three positions are related to documents. 

Document group contains files added to a card. It allows you to categorize your documents by any condition you may need and exist only in the card as a group. Another thing is a document folder which represents a real existing folder with documents. Any change in its content will affect the source folder.

  1. Choose Document to add a file.
  1. Select whether you would like to:
    • upload it from your PC
    • add existing documents from space documents
    • create a new one, blank documents of selected type:
      • Word
      • Excel
      • PowerPoint
    • create a new document with a document template.

4. Adding images

The same rules apply to pictures. Additionally, when you add an image to your card, its thumbnail will be shown in a card activity stream.

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