KanBo Search

KanBo includes a search tool that allows you to quickly find information and content within the platform. It allows you to search for specific keywords or phrases. You can also use advanced search options, such as search filterssorting, and commands to narrow down the results. 

KanBo will always show you results from spaces where you have at least a view permission. Results from spaces that you do not have access to will never be shown. This rule applies to both cards and documents.

KanBo search is based on two search engines: its own search engine and the engine built into SharePoint/Office365. 

Opening and closing the KanBo Search

The search tool is accessible from the main navigation bar. Click on the loupe icon on the right to open the KanBo Search. 

For closing click the Escape key or the loupe icon again.

Use the "S" key as a shortcut to KanBo Search.

Search sections

KanBo compiles the search results into one easy-to-understand result page, which consists of 6 sections:

  1. Cards
  3. Documents
  4. Spaces
  5. Space collections
  6. Users

You can use it in both the Space view (current space) and Spaces view (all spaces). Keep in mind that the results will be different in these two situations. The space view has only 4 sections: Cards, Comments, Documents, and Users.

1. Cards

In this section, you will find all cards that are matching your search phrase. They are ordered by a very sophisticated algorithm that computes your card’s personal relevancy based on your KanBo usage and the behavior of other users around found cards.

Besides that, you will also see parts of the card’s content with the highlighted search phrase so you can better understand why you see a particular card in your results.


This section will show you all comments which contain your keyword. 

3. Documents

Whenever you attach a document to a card, KanBo keeps track of that document. In this section, you will find documents that are or were attached to cards. The results are sorted by the same algorithm as the cards in the previous section since most of the documents are related to the context of the cards, which by definition is the KanBo DNA. 

In the search results, you will see both documents with the searched phrase in their name and in their content.

4. Spaces

This section will show you all spaces which contain your keyword in its name or contents (description, cards, etc.).

There are many search results for the “IT” password query. Some of them contain the “it” part in words like Complexity or Visitor.

This phrase is a good example to use a wildcard search where capitalization is important.

5. Space Collections

This section displays all the space collections you have access to that contain your keyword in the name or description.

6. Users

If the name of a user contains the search phrase, the user account is displayed here. 

Check out also additional options on found users like Show Profile or My Space.

To open this menu, simply hover over a User and click on the three-dot menu button on the corner when it appears.


Try to use search filters to narrow down your search results. You can use search commands to precise your query. Change search sorting if the date is significant in this query.

Yes, you can limit your scope to the current space by ticking the box on the right.

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