Search Filters

Search filters are a part of KanBo Search that can help you narrow down your search results. Filters, if available, are displayed on the left side.

Note that a particular filter will only appear if we have more than one element to choose from. For example, if all results were created by the same user, the “Created by” option will not appear.

You can filter your search results by:

  • users
  • status roles
  • responsible users
  • last action
  • creation date
  • being blocked
  • being archived
  • documents
  • creators
  • users who completed the card
  • spaces


Try to use search filters to narrow down your search results. You can use search commands to precise your query. Change search sorting if the date is significant in this query.

Yes, you can limit your scope to the current space by ticking the box on the right.

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