Duplicating Cards

In case that you would like your card to serve as a template or a base for another cards, you can simply copy a card.

  1. Enter your card.
  2. Click on more button (three dots).
  3. Select Copy card.
  1. You can now change the original card’s name. Once it is done, press Copy button.

A copy of a card will be added to the same list in which is located the original card. It will have information that it was copied from some other card in the stream.

Not every detail will be copied from an old card.

Will be copied:

Will not be copied:

Please note that the document in the copied card is not a copy. It has the same source as the document in the original card.

Use Quick Actions to get it done faster.


You can decide what will be displayed on a card front using display settings. Try also to arranging card elements inside the card. Remember that you can change colors of lists and labels.

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