Moving Cards Between Boards

Nothing stands in the way of moving cards between different boards. Choose a new board and status for a card and move it easily.

  1. Enter the card.
  2. Go to card menu by pressing more button (three dots).
  3. Select Move.
  1. Select the new board and card status.
  2. Press Move.

You will see confirmation of your action in card’s and board’s Activity Streams.

You can move cards between boards with Quick Actions menu too.

Card details

  • Card members will have the same role in the new board. If card members are not present in the destination board, they will be removed from the card.
  • If a child card is added to card, it will moved with a card.
  • If there are documents in card, they will be added as new documents to the destination board.
  • If there are card dates, they will be moved to the destination board.

Document sources issue

Moving card which contains documents from custom document libraries (document sources)

In this scenario, there are boards A and B. Board A contains a default Document Source and a custom one, added from another Site Collection. Board B contains a default Document Source and a custom one, added from another Site Collection which is chosen as default in this board.

There is a card C in board A, which contains 2 documents: one (1) from default Document Source and one (2) from the custom Document source. When you move card C into board B, only document 1 will be added to board B and document 2 will remain the same (it won’t be added again or overwritten).


Yes, you need to copy a card first and then move it to another board.

Card members (only if they are present in the second board), child cards, documents and card dates.

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