Card Icons

When you look at the board you will see that every card has various icons. They represent the content of a card. Colors give them additional meanings.


Learn about meanings of the icons.

Card dates

     Start date

     Due date

Card status

Group 455 (1)

Bold line  shows work progress.

  Information status

Card details

         Associated List “In test”

             ToDo list inside (completed 2 of 2 tasks)

     Label “Frontend”

Card relations

       Card relations (this card has 1 child)

Card members

      Number of members (2 members) and responsible person (avatar)


Cards are the most fundamental units of KanBo. They can represent tasks or projects that need to be tracked and managed. Its complex structure helps with work organization.

Yes, you can manage the card details’ presence with board display settings, and decide what kind of information you want to see at the card front.

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