Card Details

Card details are used for describing the card. They are helpful in determining the purpose and character of the card. They also give you information about other related cards, users and time dependencies. 

Every KanBo card has three major sections inside: card details on the left side, card activity stream in the center and card elements on the right side.

Left section has informational character. You can’t change the order of the card details.

Here is a list of card details:

Except two – Board and Card Completion you can modify card details from the card level.

Modify card details

Use left section of the card to control the workflow. Here you can:

  • change the status of the card
  • change the card list
  • change the list at MyBoard
  • add users to the card an see its followers and viewers
  • add and remove a label or even create a new one
  • add card dates and set reminders
  • add relation with any existing card or create a new related one

You can also make a card detail modification with Quick Actions menu.

Visibility of card details

Card details can be visible from the Board level. You can add or remove them using Display Settings.


Use card lists to categorize your tasks and add labels in different colors to customize your workspace. Change card statuses to show the work progress. Remember to add a description to a card using notes. Check all the card details you can choose from.

Use quick actions or set card grouping by the desired option and move cards.

Use board display settings to add or remove card details on the card front. Remember to save the changes.

Yes, use KanBo Search. Type a query and see the results as cards which contains your text fragment not only in card name but also in notes, comments and even document’s content.

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