Card Members

Card members are users assigned to cards. Every card you are connected with by being a member automatically appears in your MyBoard. You will get notified about actions related to that card.

Card members are shown on the card details section. First and the biggest avatar indicate a responsible person. Other users are co-workers.

At the Board view you can see only the avatar of the responsible person. The number in a circle shows how many members (excluding responsible person) has the card.

Add a member

There are three ways of adding members to card:

  1. Press + Add user at the card view
  2. Drag & Drop a user
  3. Use Quick Actions

You can drag & drop a user both in a Board and Card level (using Card Activity Stream).

Remove a member

Remove the user you want to detach from the card. You can make it from the card level.

  1. Press on user’s avatar.
  2. Select Remove from card.

Use Quick Actions to get it done faster.


Of course. There is no limit of users assigned to a card as co-workers but there can be only one responsible person.

You become a card member by being attached to a card by other users or by yourself.

Yes, you can remove yourself as a card member.

If the responsible person for a card is removed as a member, the next member on the list will become the new responsible person.

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