Card Elements

Card elements are features which make up the contents of the card. They are useful for describing task details with notes and todo lists or organizing card documents.

Every KanBo card has three major sections inside: card details on the left side, card activity stream in the center and card elements on the right side.

The right section was prepared for staff you may need to complete the task. Use card elements to create and collect necessary records.

There are four categories of card elements:

Card documents can be stored in document groups and document folders.

You can set an individual name and position for every element and create it in any quantity. Take advantage of them to make your own arrangement of the workflow.

Use these elements to make a card template for future cards.

Add a new card element

Together with card elements you can create notes, documents or even cards. 

  1. Click on +Add new element on the top right part of a card.
  1. Select the element you would like to add.

Read about the difference between card document group and document folder.

Remove a card element

  1. To remove an element select the more button (three dots) next to element’s name
  2. Select Remove.
  1. Confirm your action to finish.


Yes, one of card elements are ToDo lists, which can represent steps to follow to complete the card.

Yes, KanBo provides automatic work progress calculation using the card elements like ToDo lists and child card groups.

Yes, you can attach files like documents, pictures and many more by uploading it to a card. There is the copy&paste option to add files to a card too.

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