Collapsing Card Elements

When a card element takes too much of the card’s space or you don’t need to see its content, try to collapse it. Click on arrow sign on the right side.

The same action is required to expand the card element again.

After collapsing a card element you will see information about it.

Each type has different information to show:

  • notes  amount of its characters
  • child card groups – number of child cards inside it and the completion progress
  • document groups – number of documents and a date of the most recently updated document
  • todo lists – number of completed items versus overall number of items

Please keep in mind that clearing browser's cache or changing a browser will result in disappearing of the settings.

Collapsing settings per card are stored separately for each user since different users can have different focus on the same card.


You can decide what will be displayed on a card front using display settings. Try also to arranging card elements inside the card. Remember that you can change colors of lists and labels.

Card elements are features which make up the contents of the card. They are useful for describing task details with notes and todo lists or organizing card documents.

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