Status Roles

Card status roles are to help you with organisation of your tasks. It shows what stage your tasks are. You can change it any time.

You can choose from 4 different status options:

  •  Not started – The initial status by default. It points to tasks that are not currently performed.
  •  In progress – This status serves to indicate that a card is already in progress of completing it.
  •  Completed  This is a status indicating completion of the card. 
  •  Information – A place to locate cards that contain important information but are not executable.

In order to change the role:

  1. Go to status list settings by pressing more button (three dots) at the status name bar.
  1. Select it from the drop down menu and press Add to confirm.


Card status is a feature in KanBo that shows the progress of a card realization and indicate what stage your task are in.

Every card front has a circle around the status icon, which shows the work calculation progress.

No, a card can only be assigned to just one status at a time.

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