Uploading or Creating Documents in Cards

1. Upload documents using drag&drop

There are several methods to add documents to a card.  You can simply drag and drop a document right to a card. It works both inside and outside a card, at the board view.

2. Add documents by pasting to the card

Try to add a new file by copying it and pressing CTRL+V at a card. It can be a screenshot as well as a file copied from your hard drive.

After entering a card remember to click somewhere to activate this feature. It can be a grey card area or any other card section. Now you can press CTRL+V and pasting document will work.

There are 3 types of clipboard content that are supported by KanBo:

  1. Document – copy a document (one file) at File Explorer at your device and paste it at a card
  2. Screenshot – take a screenshot and paste it at a card
  3. Text – copy a text and paste it at the text field (as before)

Pasted files and images will be uploaded to a card in the same way as drag&drop uploading.

3. Add documents with card menu

After entering a card more options are available. 

  1. Press + Add element button to open card elements menu.
  2. The last three positions are related to documents. 

Document group contains files added to a card. It allow you to categorize your documents by any condition you may need and exist only in card as a group. Another thing is a document folder which represents real existing folder with documents. Any change in its content affects the source folder.

  1. Press Document to add a file.
  1. Select whether you would like to:
    • upload it from your PC
    • add existing document from Board documents
    • create a new one, blank documents of selected type:
      • Word
      • Excel
      • PowerPoint
    • create a new document with a document template.

4. Adding images

Same rules apply to pictures. Additionally, when you add an image to your card, its thumbnail will be shown in a card activity stream.

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