Removing Cards from MyBoard

You can easily remove cards from MyBoard. 

  1. Enter the card.
  2. Find MyBoard fiels on card details section.
  1. Press more button (three dots).
  2. Select Remove from MyBoard.

You can also use Quick Actions.


MyBoard is a personal board that allows you to bring cards from multiple boards to one place, prioritize your workload and manage your own tasks efficiently.

There are two ways to add a card to MyBoard – you can add a single card by clicking the Not in MyBoard button on the card details section, or you can add multiple cards by selecting the desired cards from the “Add My Cards” option in MyBoard settings.

You can easily remove cards from MyBoard by clicking on the Remove from MyBoard option in the card details section or by using Quick Actions. You can make this action from the Followed cards view too, by clicking Unfollow.

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