Boards in KanBo

We offer a versatile and complex digital platform that allows teams, departments, and individuals to manage their projects and tasks with ease. Boards and cards are the basic units of KanBo. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, it offers a flexible solution that can meet the needs of the largest organizations.

From basic board creation to advanced customization options, KanBo provides the features and functionality required to streamline workflows, increase productivity and foster collaboration. Explore benefits of KanBo boards.

How to use boards?

Board is basically a product, project, resource, or organizational structure that is under continuous development. It can represent anything and have a variety of uses. By default, boards have a collection of lists, and lists contain cards.

Initial board view is the Kanban view visible on the example above.

How to start?

  1. Create the board.
  2. Divide the work into tasks and create cards for them.
  3. Describe cards using available card elements and categorize them.
  4. Use board views to visualize the work stages.

Kanban view is the basic way to organize the work. It is focused on grouping cards (tasks) according to predetermined criteria (e.g. priority, status of completion, responsible person) represented by vertical lists. 

However, boards give you the opportunity to visualize work in a variety of ways, and Kanban view is just one of them. Considering the differences in the way each department works within the company and the individual preferences of employees, we have created 8 unique views for your projects.

Collaborate with others using boards

Once you create the board, let others see it, help with particular pieces of work and give the feedback.

  1. Invite other users to the board.
  2. Engage your co-workers by assigning them to cards.
  3. Use mentions in comments and board chat to communicate. 

Your own workspace - MyBoard

What if you have to work on many complex projects at the same time?

Use MyBoard to collect cards from other boards and visualize your personal stream of work. Manage your personal board. All cards in MyBoard are mirrors of cards from origin project boards. You can use Calendar or Kanban view to plan your own tasks. Learn how to manage MyBoard.

The example below shows Kanban view with card grouping by boards selected in MyBoard.


Boards are collections of cards that allow you to organize and visualize work. A board can be a product, project, resource, or organizational structure that is under continuous development. 

There are three levels of board access: owner, member and visitor. Only the board owner can add new users to the board by using the users section in the board menu.

Yes, follow the board to get notification about every board action.

Use card relations to connect cards between different boards.

Yes, you can duplicate a board or make a board template using existing board. Then you can create new boards based on that template.

Yes, every user has a space called MyBoard. You can track all cards you are following in one place.

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