Closing and Restoring Boards

You must be the board owner to close the board. 

Close the board

In order to close a board:

  1. Open Board menu by pressing three dots on the top pane.
  2. Go to  Settings.
  3. Select  General.
  1. Press Close board.
  2. Confirm your action on the pop-up window.

On your Personal KanBo Home, other users will see a Closed Board as:

Restore the board

Only board owner can restore the board. 

You can see all your boards which are closed. 

  1. Click on the Landing Page of KanBo.
  2. Enter Boards section.
  3. Select Closed boards.
  4. Hover over the board you want to restore.
  5. Press on more button (three dots).
  6. Select Reopen board.


Only the board owner can close a KanBo board.

Only the board owner can restore a closed KanBo board. Visit the Closed Boards section in Boards, hover over the board you want to restore, and select Reopen board.

You can close the board permanently by deleting it.

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