KanBo Home Page

By default, when the user enters KanBo, The KanBo Home page will be displayed.

The welcome screen shows:

Navigation Panel

On the welcome screen, user can see an intuitive and handy navigation panel located on the left side.

The navigation panel displays:

  •  Recent boards that will allow you to switch through the boards you use the most often,
  •  Board collections and elements inside them: boards and links,
  •  Boards where you can see every boards together,
  • KanBo Settings.

By pressing Boards button you will open all your boards tiles shown together.


 Pin allows you to hide or expand the navigation panel.

If you are at a specific board and want to come back to KanBo home, just click on the KanBo icon.


The KanBo Home page displays the current date, the number of unread notifications, and the number of card blocking by you.

You can open all your board tiles shown together by pressing the Boards button on the navigation panel.

You can do so by clicking on the Pin button on the navigation panel.

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