Comments in cards can help you to collaborate with other KanBo users. It is a perfect tool for short conversations related to the card content. Use them to inform your co-workers about the news or ask for details.

presence indicator 1

Comments written by you are marked with light green color.

It’s easy to see whether your colleagues are typing their comments or answering your message in KanBo. Thanks to the Typing Indicator, you will see whether someone starts typing in the message box in real time.

To filter out comments from other card messages and activities, set the detail level of the card’s activity stream to Comments.

Try mentioning and let your colleagues know that the message is meant for them.

Edit a comment

You have a possibility to edit your comment only for five minutes after sending. Otherwise, the impact on the organization could be too dangerous. In KanBo, we believe that you shouldn’t change the past and rather correct it by writing another message.

  1. Hover over a message.
  2. Press more button (three dots).
  3. Select Edit.

You can’t remove your message after 5 minutes either.


Comments are located in the card activity stream. Only users who are following the card will get notified about new comments. Board chat is more like a public place. Every board member will be notified of new messages.

You can edit or delete your comment only for 5 minutes after sending.

If you are in the card where someone is typing a comment, you will see the typing indicator with user’s avatar.

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