While you keep working on the tasks, you may need to mention other users to e.g. notify them about updates, request feedback, alert them about issues or tag them in discussions. 

Draw the people’s attention to some piece of information by mentioning users in your

Your team members will note that someone is writing about them because the KanBo notification system. It will let them know about it in the real time on the web and also on their mobile devices.

Two ways of mentioning

There are more than one method to mention someone. They both works in every text field in KanBo.

  1. Type @ and start typing user’s name or surname. Click the name of the person you would like to mention or press enter to mention them.
  1. Another way is just dragging an avatar of the user and dropping it at the text field. Confirm action by clicking Mention user.

If the person is not a member of the specific Board in which you're mentioning them, you will be asked if you'd like to invite them.

If you mention someone on an app item and they don't already have access, then they will get access to that single item automatically.


No, every board member will be notified about new chat message. Mentions in the board chat are only used to show who you’re directing your message to.

Comments are located in the card activity stream. Only users who are following the card will get notified about new comments. Board chat is more like a public place. Every board member will be notified of new messages. You can give likes to chat messages.

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