Creating a KanBo Board Attached to a Subfolder Created by Power Automate

The “Add Board” now has a new variable called “Folder path”, which allows to specify the folder that will become the Board’s default Document Source.

Here is how to automate it using Power Automate:

  1. Configure your “Create new folder” SharePoint action

In this case, we want to create a new subfolder inside the “gogreenproject” folder called “solarplant” in a site collection with a name “SaveThePlanet”. This “solarplant” folder will become the default Document Source – the Board will see only documents contained by that folder and below.

KanBo’s “Add Board” action takes in the folder path with a slash (“/”) at the beginning, which means that we will have to transform the output of the SharePoint Power Automate action.

To do that, we will need to initialize three variables.

  1. Initialize three variables.

First variable:

Here, we need a String variable called “Path”. We need to add dynamic content from SharePoint to the variable called “Full Path”

Second variable:

Here we will need an Integer variable called PathLength. We will need to use an expression here for value. Please copy the code excerpt below:


Third variable:

Here we will need an Integer variable, with the name “IndexOfSlash”. The expression here should be:


Now you are ready for further steps.

  1. Configure the “Add Board” action

Type in the name of the Board, choose the Board color and the Board language. These variables are up to Your personal choice.

The important variables here are the “O365 Group GUID” and the “Folder path”.

For the “O365 Group GUID”, paste the ID of the O365 Group associated with the SharePoint site collection specified in the “Create new folder” action.

For the Folder path, paste in this expression (mark it and copy/paste it):


Once the Power Automate action “Add Board” is executed, you will find a new Board that is attached to the subfolder of your choice.

If you set a Board Template in the parameters of the "Add Board" Power Automate action and if the Board Template, you have selected has a folder structure and files included, then it will create that folder structure and files below the subfolder you have provided for the default Document Source.

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