Exporting Board Views to Excel

With this KanBo functionality, you can export a Board’s content into a .csv file.

This will help you display it in a highly visual manner in Excel and use it i.e. for reporting.  

To export a Board:

  1. Select more button (three dots) on the top bar. 
  1. Now you can select Export board to csv.

Now the download of the .csv file will start. Once it’s done, you can import this .csv file to Excel.

This instruction were made with Excel 2016, however the functionality will be very similar in other versions of Excel. See documentation provided by Microsoft regarding importing .csv files into Excel.

In order to import the Boards .csv file to Excel:

  1. Go to Excel and select Data.
  2. Choose Get data.
  1. Select From File.
  2. Select from Text/CSV.
  1. Browse for your freshly downloaded file and select it.
  2. In the windows which will appear, select Load button.

In a couple of seconds, your board will be visible as an Excel table.

It will contain information about:

  1. Card ID, 
  2. Card name, 
  3. List name, 
  4. Status name,
  5. Status role (or list role, if statuses are disabled), 
  6. Responsible,
  7. Co-workers,
  8. Created by,
  9. Created date,
  10. Start date,
  11. Due Date,
  12. Late (YES/NO),
  13. Completed date,
  14. Completed by,
  15. Completed (YES/NO),
  16. Todo items,
  17. Labels,
  18. Card link

The example above shows KanBo board imported to Excel.


You can move a board between KanBo Environments using board template feature. You will need to download the board from the first KanBo environment as a board template and upload it at the new environment. Then create a new board using this template.

Soon. We are working on the feature where you can build your own view including all details you want to see on card fronts and then export it like it is to csv. Feature is planned as part of KanBo 3.0.

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