Seamless Import from Microsoft Planner to KanBo

Once you reach the limits of Microsoft Planner you can easily continue in KanBo. Since a KanBo Board belongs to the same Microsoft Team (Microsoft 365 Group) you can import all Microsoft Planner cards including its details (even documents and comments).

In seconds you can continue in KanBo. The user permission will be the same. You can also add a Teams KanBo Tab and remove the Planner Tab.

Make sure you have Adding KanBo Users role in KanBo.

In order to import a plan to an existing Board:

  1. Open board settings by pressing more button.
  1. Select Import from MS Planner.
  2. Paste link to the Plan.
  3. Decide, if you want to import documents and users.
  4. Press Import.

Your Plan will be imported to KanBo in a couple of minutes.

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