Adding Card Relations

Learn how to add a relation between cards. There are two types of relations you can choose: parent and child or next and previous. You can connect two existing cards or create a new one related to the old one.

  1. Enter the card.
  2. Press on + Add relation.
  3. Select the relation type.

You can create a new card or select existing one. Use search field to find the card. Note that you can limit your search scope to the current board. Choose select existing card button if you want to pick up the card from the specific board and status list.

  1. Press Add relation.

If you choose to create a new card, you have to:

  1. Enter the name.
  2. Select the board.
  3. Select the card status.
  4. Choose the template (optional).

Quick actions works for adding card relations too, but you can use it only for adding child cards.

There are also other ways to add relations to card. Find it with the Mind map and the Gantt chart view.


You can observe card relations in the Mind Map view and Gantt Chart view too. There is also option to expand child cards in the Kanban view and List view.

Even if the card has more than one parent, only one of them is the default parent

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