Label is a feature which can describe your card. Use them like tags to organize your work. They inform about category of cards which can be based on priority, department or any other criteria that makes sense for your workflow.

You can add many labels to one card. Set different colors of each other for a quick recognition. 

Labels can be present at three places:

You can add or remove labels from cards but only board owner can manage board labels.

Add a label to your card

Give a tag to your card using labels. 

Add a label from the card level

  1. Enter a card
  2. Press + Add label and select the one that fits.

Add a label from the Board level with Quick Actions

  1. Press the status icon of a card.
  2. Select Labels.
  3. Choose a label you need.

Add a label from the Board level by moving a card

The last way of adding a label is simply dragging a card and dropping it on a desired label list.

  1. Set the card grouping options to Labels.
  2. Drag a card and move it to another list.

Create a new label

As you may noticed before, there is an option to create a label from the card level.

  1. Enter a card
  2. Press + Add label button at the Labels field.
  3. Select + Create.
  4. Enter a name and click on Create.

The label you create at a card will be accessible at the whole Board.

Edit a label

Go to the Labels menu where you can change their names and colors.

  1. Open the Board Settings by pressing more button (three dots).
  2. Select Labels.
  1. Now you can select a label you want to edit.
  1. You have a possibility to change their name and color.

Remember that labels can be shown as lists. You can edit their names with list settings.

Remove a label

Decide if you want to remove label only from the card or from the whole Board. There are two ways you can delete it permanently. 

Remove a label from the card

  1. To remove a label go to the card or use Quick actions.
  2. Click on the label you want to delete and select Remove.

Remove a label from the Board

  1. Go to the Board Settings and select Labels.
  2. Hover over a label and press more button (three dots).
  3. Click on Remove.

You can also delete a label list at the Board view with card grouping by labels option selected.


Only board owners can create labels.

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