KanBo Business Templates

Any team can plan and manage their projects more effectively starting with KanBo templates. Enable your project teams to adapt through organizational learning. The use of project templates is a great way to improve efficiency – by allowing every project team to benefit from your organization’s accumulated project management and process knowledge.

In addition to single Board Templates, KanBo provides also complex Template Sets, which consist of multiple boards within card-relations between them. Boost your productivity with our templates from KanBo Solutions Shelf.

If you want to see a gallery of KanBo Business Templates, click here.

Meet our ready to use KanBo Business Templates

KanBo Platform offers ready to run/use Business Templates for organisation’s Work and Business landscape. You can easily test all KanBo Business Templates on KanBo Demo Site.

  • Ready to Run Business Templates contains an internal kbf file, recording and mapping.
  • KanBo Business Templates are ready to run with your KanBo platform.
  • KanBo Business Templates are Hosted on Your infrastructure – On-Premises or Microsoft Azure cloud for easy, global, always-on and reliable access.
  • KanBo Business Templates can be downloaded and run within your KanBo platform in minutes.
  • KanBo Business Templates are tested and built against KanBo Work Coordination Platform.
  • Data and information in the KanBo Business Templates can be easily changed (after upload in your own KanBo environment) to work with your system.

All of these KanBo Business Templates are available free of charge.

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