Card Grouping

Card grouping is a feature allowing you to see your Board in many perspectives. The method of grouping cards determines the type of displayed lists to which cards are assigned. This feature is available in:

You can change it at a drop-down menu on the top right corner. There are several possible grouping options.

In Kanban View there is also an option of vertical card grouping. You can use it together with horizontal card grouping to get the Kanban Swimlanes (two-dimensional card grouping).

The example below shows one-dimensional card grouping at Kanban view.

Group by Statuses

You can group all cards in the Board by their Statuses which is the default view. Read more about Card Statuses.


You can move a card from one status list to another to change its Status. Every card can be assigned to only one Status.

Group by Lists

Board view grouped by Lists you created. You will see all the cards arranged by Lists to which they belong.


You can move a card from one List to another. Every card can be assigned to one List only.

Group by Users

In this view, you will see all the cards in a board arranged by Users who are assigned to them as responsible person.

The first list in a board will be “Unassigned” which is a list for cards without any User assigned.


When you move a card from “Unassigned” to User’s row, the card will be assigned to that person.

If you move a card from one User’s row to another, the second User will be added as a responsible and the first User becomes a co-worker to this card.

Group by Labels

You can group your cards also by using Labels. If a card contains 2 or more Labels, it will be visible in every list it belongs.


You can move a card from one Label list to another. This will result in adding new Label to this card. It will not remove the Label from the first list.

Group by Due dates

In this grouping option, you will see cards ordered chronologically and grouped by due time. Lists will appear and dispose cards automatically. This feature is unavailable at Table view.


You can’t move cards between lists in this view.

Grouping by none

This option is available at Table, List and Gantt Chart view. You will not find it at Kanban view because it has no lists!

Empty lists

If you switch to any of card grouping views, you will always know to which list a card belongs to. If it is not assigned to any List or User, it will show up in “Unassigned” list or “No Lablel” list, in case of grouping by Labels.

Hide empty lists using Display settings.


Boards are collections of cards that allow you to organize and visualize work. A board can be a product, project, resource, or organizational structure that is under continuous development. One board can have many different board views.

Card grouping feature is available in Kanban view, List view, Table view, Gantt chart view, and Timeline view.

The purpose of vertical card grouping in Kanban view is to create Kanban Swimlanes, which helps you to view different categories of cards in a two-dimensional manner.

Use card lists to categorize your tasks and add labels in different colors to customize your workspace. Set the card grouping to desired option. In case of big boards with many cards, use card filtering.

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