List Settings

List settings are editable features of your lists in KanBo board.

When you work with:

at your board, you work with lists. Fit its appearance to your needs. It will help you organize the work process by marking its stages and other details. Learn how to adjust it just for your convenience.

Remember that there are 5 types of card grouping and not every type has the same options to select from the list settings.

 StatusListUserLabelDue date
Archive cards
Move cards


Find a name that reflects the character of cards assigned to that list.

  1. Hover over the name bar, click and type a new name
  2. Press Save button to confirm the changes. 

You cannot change names of User and Due date lists.


You can add a description to your Status or List when a name is not enough. Read more about list description.


Well-chosen colors can make work easier and more pleasant. Select the corresponding one.

  1. Press more button (three dots) on the name bar to open the menu.

Here you can change the color of the list. Choose from 16 different options.

  1. Select the desired color.

Remember that it works only at Statuses and Lists

If you need to change the color of a Label list, you need to change the Label color

Due date and User lists are always grey.

Archive cards

You can archive all cards that are assigned to the list.  

Learn more about card archivization and how to send it back to the Board from Archive.

Follow a list

You can follow a list to receive notifications from all the activities that took place in a card that is currently on this list.

Read more about  following a List or Status.


There is a simple way to  delete a lists

Remember that it won’t delete cards that are assigned to that list. 


Roles are the key feature of Statuses. 

Read more about Status roles.

Move cards

There is a simple way to move all cards from your list to another list.

  1. You can find it in list settings. Open it by pressing more (three dots) at the list name bar.
  1. After you press  Move cards button, you will see the pop-up window with existing lists.
  1. Choose one of them for your cards. After that click all the cards will gain a new list.


Boards are collections of cards that allow you to organize and visualize work. A board can be a product, project, resource, or organizational structure that is under continuous development. One board can have many different board views.

Yes, you can use display settings to adjust the visibility of board view information to your needs.

Use card lists to categorize your tasks and add labels in different colors to customize your workspace. Set the card grouping to desired option. In case of big boards with many cards, use card filtering.

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