List View

While the most common way to organize a KanBo board is horizontal card grouping (Kanban view), with columns representing the different stages of a workflow and cards representing the tasks, list view allow you to organize your Boards vertically instead. This can be useful in some cases, such as when a workflow has a large number of stages or when the stages are more complex and require more detailed breakdowns. 

It is a good option if your cards contain many details. List view provides you a better understanding of tasks. This is a more card-oriented view. Using vertical lanes can make it easier to see the relations between cards and to understand how they fit into the overall structure of the workflow. Especially if you want to keep track of parent and child cards at the same time.

The following example shows the List view with grouping by Users option. The lists are placed one below the other.

Try also to combine horizontal and vertical grouping of cards into a two-dimensional card grouping way called Kanban Swimlanes.

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