Adjusting Card Dates with the Timeline View

Timeline view is the time dependent way to organize project realization. The main purpose of this view is to organize the tasks you have to do and determine the order of activities.

Use this view to adjust the dates of your cards faster than usual. You can both change the length of time to complete the task and move the entire time frame to another date. See how to:

  • postpone the task for later – just drag the card and place it to different position on the chart

Move multiple cards at once. Select cards with ctrl button pressed, then use drag and drop to change their location. Remember to deselect cards at the end.

  • change the start date – in order to change only the start date, hover over a card and drag the dot which appears on the left side, then move it on another date
  • change the due date – drag the dot on the right card side and drop it on another date

Notice what is happening when you change card dates. Tasks are moving between rows!

Cards are moving between rows because they are trying to get in line.

Try to complete cards in sequence, not overloading yourself with too many tasks at once. Use Timeline view to control the workload and learn to prioritize your tasks.

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