Board Access and Permissions

Projects you are working on usually need to be shown to other people. You can decide if they may co-create it with you or just drop by and see.

There are 3 permission levels in a Board: 

  • Owner
  • Member
  • Visitor

Every level has varying degrees of access to the Board. They are listed in the table below.

Owner Member Visitor
See Board Views
See Activity Stream
Export Board to file
Follow Board/list/card
Card Actions all all comments
Documents manage manage see
Archive manage manage
Document Sources manage
Manage Users
Manage Labels
Board Settings

Manage user's permissions

You can add or remove users from the Board. 

Only Board Owners can manage user's permissions.

  1. Go to Board Menu and select Users.

Here you can:

  • add new users to the Board by pressing + Add button
  • change their permissions by drag&drop
  • remove users from the Board by pressing on ones avatar and selecting Remove

The change of permissions in a Board will be applied in real time.

There is also a faster way to enter Users section. 

Press users icon on the top bar of the Board.


Yes, if you are the board owner. Drag user’s avatar and drop it on another permission level.

Yes, use KanBo Roles to decide who is responsible for different KanBo areas like global settings or document sources.

In order to see a board you must have one of three permission levels. Use visitor level for users who only wants to see the board and don’t need to make any actions. Visitors can make comments in cards, though.

Yes. Although external users cannot be board members or owners, they can be visitors.

Yes, you can add users to each board separately and decide which permission level they have.

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