Managing MyBoard Permissions

You can invite your co-workers to MyBoard and share your current tasks, their status and priorities with them. Using the MyBoard starts making your work visible in such a way that it might help others, i.e. managers can see the actual workload and planning in real-time from your personal perspective.

Add Visitors

You can give your colleagues access to your MyBoard:

  1. Press more button (three dots) next to your name.
  2. Choose Users.
  1. Add users by using +Add at Visitors section.
  2. Select users you would like to give access to and click on + Add selected.

Remove Visitors

To remove the user from your MyBoard:

  1. Go to Users section.
  2. Hover over this user.
  3. Select more button.
  4. Click on Remove from group.

Be a Visitor

To visit someone’s MyBoard, you might click on his avatar anywhere in KanBo and choose MyBoard.

To see other user's MyBoard you must be given access from him or her.

You cannot move cards around in other user’s MyBoard.

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