KanBo Roles

KanBo provides a set of roles that can be used to give users responsibility for different areas. Job roles are related to the management of settings, documents and other users.

Roles description

There are 10 KanBo roles that can be granted to a user:

  1. Global Settings
    • access to global settings
  2. Roles Assignment
    • viewing user roles
    • adding and removing roles from users
  3. Setup
    • refreshing license status
    • getting license ID
    • adding sync targets
    • getting plugin forms
    • adding and managing groups
    • resyncing and removing sync targets and users
    • configuring the Elastic Search connection
  4. Adding KanBo Users
    • adding new users to KanBo
  5. Licenses
    • activating and deactivating users
    • changing user license
  6. Groups
    • add groups
  7. Adding Boards
    • adding Boards
    • copying Boards
    • changing the order of Board templates
    • changing the Board removal settings and the default Board template
  8. Public
    • setting Boards as public
    • setting Board Collections as public
  9. Templates
    • accessing Board and Board Collections templates
    • downloading and uploading Board and Board Collections templates
  10. Document Sources
    • adding and removing document sources
    • renaming document sources
    • reparing document sources

See how to manage KanBo roles.


Yes, use KanBo Roles to decide who is responsible for different KanBo areas like global settings or document sources.

Only users with Roles Assignment permission can manage user roles.

Yes, if you are the board owner. Drag user’s avatar and drop it on another permission level.

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