KanBo and Microsoft Power Automate Integration: Activation

Table of Contents
  1. Go to this adress.
  2. Select Data and Custom Connectors.

  1. Add new custom connector.

  1. Select import from OpenApi file.

  1. In your Custom Connector -> General, do the following:
  2. -  Upload a logo

    - Select icon background color, should be #ffffff

  1. Go to Security tab.
  2. Contact support@kanboapp.com for details to be pasted there.

  1. Save the custom connector.
  2. Now you can go to My Flows.
  3. Create a Flow:
  4. a)



Here you must select a trigger which will enable your flow. In case of “when a new email arrives” the flow will start only when you receive a new email. Create the flow.


In Flow, make sure to configure the trigger accordingly to your needs.

  1. Create a new step and select KanBo.

  1. Now select an action.

  1. In action, select Sign in.

  1. Authorize your KanBo by typing its address and selecting OK. Use address without https like kanbo.mydomain.com.

  1. Select Allow during authorization procedure.

When a connection is made, you can start running actions - see more here.

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