KanBo On-Premises Installation Requirements and Prerequisites

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  • 1x SSL Certificate for the KanBo URL (https://kanbo.yourdomain.local) in PFX format with Password (you might have an internal Authority Department for generating SSL certificates for your internal Windows Domain or you might buy one from an external Certification Authority depending on your URL)
  • Digital Certificate x.509 consisting of pair: private part (PFX with Password) and public part (CER). This certificate will be used to establish a high-trust add-in as a provider-hosted SharePoint Add-in that is installed to an on-premises SharePoint farm. Here you can read how to create it under 3 minutes.

System requirements

  • All users of the company must be managed by Active Directory (Windows Domain Controller)
  • DNS entry pointing the KanBo URL to the Server where KanBo will be installed (App Server)
  • SharePoint 2013 or higher
  • Firewall permission rules to allow communication between the App Server and SQL Server (if on different machines) also App Server and SharePoint Farm (Ports: 80, 443 and 1433 for SQL).

KanBo Server requirements

  • You need an App Server where KanBo will be installed (Windows Server 2016 or higher)
  • Your KanBo Server must be part of your Windows Domain
  • Modern Browser is required on the KanBo Server during the installation (Firefox, Edge, or Chrome), as Internet Explorer is not supported by KanBo
  • .NET Framework 4.8 must be installed on the KanBo Server

SharePoint configuration requirements

  • Your SharePoint Farm is reachable over an HTTPS based URL
  • Your SharePoint farm must be part of your Windows Domain
  • Correctly configured Apps for SharePoint subsystem in SharePoint (please have it double-checked before starting the KanBo installation)
  • Correctly configured SharePoint App Catalog (please have it double-checked before starting the KanBo installation)
  • KanBo requires SharePoint User Profile Service Application up and running (MySites) correctly syncing and resolving Users from Active Directory
  • KanBo requires SharePoint Global Search up and running

Accounts and Access

  • You must be able to access Remote Desktop Access to all Servers required for the KanBo installation: SharePoint, SQL, KanBo Server, optionally: DNS and Firewall (if not configured before)
  • Must have the credentials for SharePoint Farm Admin Account
  • Must have the credentials for Local Administrator Account on the App Server where KanBo will be installed
  • On the SQL Server the account which KanBo is using to access the SQL Server must have dbcreator role as KanBo will create a new database on the SQL Server during the setup procedure later in the installation (this role must be granted at least during the setup process then it can be removed later)
  • Must have ability to download installation files from OneDrive and somehow “transport” them to your KanBo Server

For demo or test purposes, you can install KanBo on any SharePoint Frontend Server to avoid setting up a new App Server, later if you go to production a dedicated Windows Server 2016 or higher is recommended for better stability and high availability.

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