KanBo Error: 403 (On-Premise Installation)

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What to do when Kanbo Log File shows 403 Error (On-Premise Installation)?

If you are getting an error message like this in KanBo:

… please check the KanBo Log File for further information about it.

Security        ERROR | User authentication postback failed (cd68737c-faff-4398-a38c-3fe95a79df5b):
System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

If the KanBo Log File shows you an 403 Error, please be sure to check the Client ID within your web.config file. Most likely it is not correct.

The Client ID has been created by your setup process, where you did create the app identifier and you did get a result like this:

You can check it later on also here, just go to your site settings – site app permissions and you will find the Client ID as part of the shown ID.

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