Updating Elastic Search on Windows

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  1. Download the newest Elastic Search and Kibana package from Elastic’s site:

  2. Go to Services and stop Your Elastic Search service.

  1. Create a backup of Your Elastic Search and Kibana folders in case something goes wrong.
  2. Open the zip folders with 7zip.

  1. Go to Your Elastic Search installation folder and delete every folder EXCEPT the data and the config folder.

  1. From the ElasticSearch zip file, extract and copy every folder EXCEPT the config folder into Your Elastic Search installation folder.

  1. Extract.
  2. Do the same with the Kibana zip file and installation folder, but MAKE SURE you do not extract the “data” and the “config” folder.

  1. Go to Services and start Your Elastic Search service.

  1. Now go to https://localhost:9200.

  1. Click "Advanced".

  1. Login with the Elastic superuser account.

  1. After You login, check the displayed information to confirm that You have the up-to-date stable version of elastic installed.

You will see your current Elastic Search here.

  1. Open command prompt.

  1. Go to the Kibana bin folder.

  1. Run kibana.bat.

  1. After a message “Kibana is now available (was degraded) appears, go to http://localhost:5601
  2. Login with the elastic superuser account.

  1. Click on this icon on the top right corner to check the version.

You will see the current Kibana version here.

  1. Stop Kibana by pressing ctrl+c inside the command prompt window.

  1. Say “y” to terminating the batch job.

If both of versions are matching, your update of Elastic Search is done.

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