Global Card Blockers

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Global card blockers usage can be monitored from a higher level. If you decide to use a local blocker instead, only the space users will know about it.

There are two types of global card blockers:

  • global blocker – generally available at every space
  • on-demand blocker – available only when added to the space by a space owner

The point of these blockers is that you can monitor their usage on all spaces at once.

Use counter tells you the number of cards blocked by the specific blocker. You can click on the counter to see all the cards that are using this blocker at the moment.

Manage global card blockers

You need the Global Settings role to manage global card blockers.

  1. Open KanBo.
  2. Go to  KanBo Settings on the Navigation Panel.
  1. Select  Blocker types.
  2. Click on the blocker you would like to edit.

Here you can edit, remove and create new card blockers. Any global blockers you create will be visible to all space users. On-demand blockers, like global blockers, will only be visible in the space after they have been added by a space owner.


Use card blockers. It allows you to block a card and informs you about the problem with the completion of the task. 

Only space owners can create local card blockers in spaces. They can also add on-demand blockers to the space by selecting them from global card blockers. Go to Managing Card Blockers guide.

A local blocker is created and used only within one space, while a global blocker is available at every space in KanBo.

You need the Global Settings role to manage global card blockers. Global card blockers can be edited, removed, or created in the KanBo Settings.

A global blocker is available on every space, while an on-demand blocker is only available when added to a specific space by the space owner.

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