Card Relations

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In case your project is complex, you might not be aware what are the dependencies between various cards in your space. Set a logical relation for every card and gain a new view of the dependencies between your work activities. Card relations will help you group cards related to each other and connect them. Use them to divide big tasks into smaller ones.

With this feature, you can easily connect cards as parent and child or next and previous, providing a clear understanding of the relations between different cards in your space.

types of card relations

There are two kinds of relation in KanBo:

Card relations in the card view

Relations are visible in the card view. Each of them appears in the Card Details section on the left side. You can click on the card miniature and move to it. On the right side, in the Card Elements section, you can find Child Card Groups. There are all child cards related to the card.

Card relations in the space view

There are various space views in KanBo. Card relations are shown differently in each type. It is worth learning how to use them according to your needs.

Kanban and List view can help you to group related child and parent cards in one container (on the right). 

With the Gantt chart view you can focus on time dependencies between cards. A great option for understanding previous and next card relations (below).

The Mind Map view will help you to figure out complicated parent and child card connections (below).

Expand Child Cards

When you are working using Kanban or List View, go to Display Settings for expanding child cards. After enabling this option all child cards will appear in the box created with the parent card. Now you can monitor your cards in the context of their subcards.

Parent and child complex card relations are visible in the Gantt Chart View.

Parent and child complex card relations are visible in the Mind Map View.


Card relations are connections between cards that show how they are related to each other, either as a parent or child or as next and previous cards.

Card relations help in project management by providing clarity on the dependencies between different tasks and activities, allowing for better organization and task prioritization.

Yes, you can create card relations between cards in different spaces in KanBo, as long as you have access to both spaces.

The best space views to show relations between cards are the Gantt Chart view and the Mind Map view.