Filtering Cards

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Card filtering is a feature in KanBo that allows space users to sort and find specific cards in a space. There are several filtering options to choose from. It is useful when dealing with large spaces with many cards to find information more efficiently.

By combining different filters, users can quickly and easily find the cards they need. Filter options can be saved to adjust the space view to your needs.

The Filter section is located in the upper right corner of the space.

The example below shows how to apply the filter by users from the bar in the upper right corner. After that action, only the cards to which the selected person is assigned to will be displayed.

There are several filtering options. You can filter cards by:

Try combining different filters.

Remember to save your display settings if you want to keep filtering for life.


Use card lists to categorize your tasks and add labels in different colors to customize your workspace. Set the card grouping to the desired option. In the case of large spaces with many cards, use card filtering.

You can use card filtering, but there is also an option to select and add specific cards to the space in the Mind Map view.

Use KanBo search, which is a complex tool that will help you to find a card.

If the card filtering settings have been saved, they will be active every time the space is opened. For this reason, only cards that meet the filter criteria are displayed.

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