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New card design coming soon with the KanBo 3.0 version!

Custom fields are a powerful feature in KanBo that allow you to tailor your space to fit your workflow. With custom fields, you can capture specific information, track important details, and organize your work in a way that makes sense for your team.

There are two types of custom fields:

What is the difference between them?

  • Information about custom fields is presented at the bottom left corner of the card content.

  • Lists are a way to organize and group your cards into different categories or stages. Each card can be assigned to only one list, making it an efficient way to create separate groups of cards.

  • Labels are a way to categorize and classify your cards. They act as tags that can be assigned to cards to provide additional information or context. You can add multiple labels to a single card and set different colors for each label to make them easily recognizable.

Custom field section is a part of the card content.

You can present your custom fields in space using:

In the example below, we see cards grouped by lists. Labels are displayed on the card fronts in the form of card details.

In conclusion, custom fields in KanBo, such as labels and lists, provide customization to your spaces and cards. With custom fields, you can tailor KanBo to suit your specific needs and workflows, enhancing collaboration and productivity for your team.

See how to:


Yes, a card can be assigned to more than one label, but it can only be assigned to one list.

Only space owners can create list and labels.

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