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Documents are an integral part of work. Therefore, you can take them with you into the KanBo world. Every document which appears on a card occurs in the space documents section too. 

All these files have a source at SharePoint Document Library, which is generated during the space creation. Every KanBo space has its own Document Source.

Explore space documents section

Open the space documents section and see your files and folders.

  1. Open the space.
  2. Go to the space menu by clicking More (the three-dot menu) next to the space’s name.
  3. Select Documents.

The pop-up window with all documents added to this space will appear. 

Create folders and upload documents

You can manage your documents from the space level by creating new folders and uploading documents from your hard drive. At the top of the space documents window, you can see three buttons: New folderUpload, and Refresh.

Create a new folder

  1. Select + New folder if you need to create a separate folder for new documents.
  1. Write a folder name and click Add.

You can now enter it and start adding files.

Upload a new document

  1. Choose Upload when you have some files on your hard drive that are needed here on this space.
  1. Browse your device, select a file, and click Open.

You will see a progress bar and confirmation of adding a file in the upper right corner of the space.

Select Refresh if you want to see the last changes in this section.

There are some characters that cannot be present in the file's name. When you upload a document containing not supported characters, you see a notification and have to decide if KanBo can change a file name for you.

Document source

Every KanBo space has its own Document Source. You can open it in a browser or even change it (if a Document Source is attached to the space). 

Only users with the Document Sources role added can change the Document Source.

Select  Go to source to open your SharePoint Library.


Space documents are the collection of all card documents from the space.

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