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A card blocker allows you to block cards for a specific reason. It informs about the problem with completing the task. Create multiple card blockers to make the standstill reasons explicit and to categorize your problematic work.

Example: A red icon with an exclamation mark indicates that the card is blocked.

A blocked card has an explanation in the card details section. Here you can see who blocked the card, when, and with what type of blocker.

Example: The card is blocked by the Sponsor card blocker. The reason: “Waiting for decision”.

The blocker indicates that as long as the card is blocked, it is impossible to continue working with the card.

You cannot change the card status until the card is blocked.

There are two types of card blockers:

  • Local card blocker – created by space owners and used only in a particular space.
  • Global card blocker – created in KanBo and more widely available. Can be monitored from a higher level.

The difference between local and global card blockers is quite simple. Global card blocker usage can be supervised from above. If you decide to use a local blocker instead, only space users will know about it.

It is good practice to add descriptions to blockers so that users know how to use them.

My Blockers

If you are responsible for any card blockers, you will see a new icon on your Sidebar. This is the My Blockers section, which has a counter to tell you how many tabs you have blocked.

There is a place for all current card blockers that you are responsible for.

Example: Zachariach is responsible for the photovoltaic card, but he is going on paternity leave, so the card will be blocked for that time.

Blocked cards are displayed in the order of impact. The impact will be calculated based on the relations and due dates.

Blocking cards

Every card user can block a card with the available card blockers.

To block a card:

  1. Open the card.
  2. On the card top bar select More (the three-dot menu), and then select  Block.
  3. Select blocker, and optionally fill in the fields Reason and Responsible, and then select Save.

Unblocking cards

Every card user can unblock a card.

To unblock the card:

  1. Open the card.
  2. On card details, select the blocker info section, and then select Unblock.
  3. You can optionally leave a comment, and then select Unblock.


Use card blockers. It allows you to block a card and informs you about the problem with the completion of the task. 

Only space owners can create local card blockers in spaces. They can also add on-demand blockers to the space by selecting them from global card blockers.

A local blocker is only created and used within a space, while a global blocker is available in every space in KanBo.

You need the Global Settings role to manage global card blockers. Global card blockers can be edited, removed, or created in the KanBo Settings.

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