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Coming soon with the KanBo 3.0 version!

The card statistics feature offers a wealth of analytical insights to help users gain a comprehensive understanding of their card realization process. It provides a visual representation of a card’s lifecycle.

Card statistics in KanBo card

Every activity within the card, from a completed to-do list item to a change in the card’s status, is recorded. Based on this, predictions for card completion are calculated.

Follow the Urban Picnic Design card example to understand the new feature.

Open card statistics

To open the card statistics window:

  1. Open the space.
  2. Enter the card.
  3. Press More (the three-dots button).
  4. Select Card statistics.

Card statistics will open in a form of a pop-up window.

Card statistics are not available on cards with the Information status role.

Chance of on-time completion

The first section that strikes our eye is the chance of on-time completion field. The bar graph shows the probability that this card will be completed before (or by) its scheduled due date.

Calculation are based on:

  • the historical data of the card template
  • the card’s status
  • the card’s effort (allocation)
  • the number of days remaining until the card’s scheduled completion. 
Card statistics in KanBo card - chance of on-time completion

The results are color-coded according to the following percentages:

  • Red: 0% – 49%,
  • Yellow: 50% – 79%,
  • Green: 80% – 100%

Card time

When the card is completed, a card time section appears in place of the chance of on-time completion graph. Here you can track the entire life of the card.

Lead time refers to the total time from card creation to completion. It helps you understand how long it takes for cards to move through your workflow from start to finish.

Lead time = Reaction time + Cycle time

In other words it is a time to go from   Not started to  Completed status role.

Reaction time measures the time between card creation and when work begins on it. This marked with blue color metric helps you gauge how quickly your team responds to new tasks and ensures that work is initiated promptly after card creation.

It is a time to go from   Not started to  In progress status role.

Cycle time, on the other hand, measures the total time it takes from when work begins on a card until its completion. This metric provides you with insights into how long it takes for your team to complete tasks after they have started working on them.

It is a time to go from   In progress to  Completed status role.


The activities performed each day in the card are presented in the form of a bar chart. You can track the number of card activities occurring in each time frame. Hover over a column to view the exact number of activities.

Card statistics in KanBo card - activities

Card statuses

You can check the exact time the card has spent in each card status with hourly accuracy.

Card statistics in KanBo card - card statuses

Any difficulties, such as card blockers, related to its completion will be noted.

KanBo recognizes status changes of less than 5 minutes as "accidental".

Other information

At the bottom of the card statistics pop-up, you will find a summary of the people associated with the card. You can see who is viewing it, who created it and when, as well as the last action performed.

Card statistics in KanBo card - other information

An additional field shows the number of times the card was blocked and the total time it was blocked.

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Card statistics are not available on cards with the Information status role. If you can’t see the card statistics icon on a card with other status roles, make sure that the Elastic Search is installed.

Every card front has a circle around the status icon, which shows the work calculation progress. Hover over the status icon to see the percentage completion rate.

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