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The card activity stream is a feature that provides a real-time log of all activities and updates related to a specific card within a KanBo space. It displays a chronological list of actions taken on the card, such as creating or editing the card, adding comments, documents, assigning tasks, or making any changes.

The activity stream is a universal feature that is available on a card, in a space, and associated with each user. It allows users to track the history of changes and updates made to cards, providing transparency and visibility into its progression. By viewing the activity stream, users can easily identify who performed specific actions on the card and stay informed about its current state.

The card activity stream is located in the center section of a card.

card-activity -stream

Card activity counter

The number of actions that have occurred on the card since your last visit is highlighted with a bell icon on the card front.

Learn how to use it

The activity stream consists of a list of actions in chronological order, with responsible users and assigned dates.

  • You can change the way actions are displayed by setting different detail levels.
  • You can add a bookmark to important actions to save it for yourself.
  • Find out when was the last visit to the card of other users with the card presence indicator.

When you hover over a date (e.g. 3 hours ago, 2 months ago) you will see the exact date and hour of action.

Card activity in KanBo 3.0

Coming soon with the KanBo 3.0 version!

  • Switch Comments view to Activity view and follow the last card actions.

  • In addition to the comments, you can also see who added files to the card and when.

  • You can paste links to other cards or spaces, and refer to them in the comments.

  • You can observe all other card actions like adding and removing card users, changing card status, adding dates, adding and editing notes, to-do lists, assign labels, and last but not least, the moment of card creation.


There are three detail levels to choose from – everything, relevant, and comments.

You can see only this user’s actions that are related to spaces you have access to.

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