Space Access and Permissions

When collaborating on projects, it’s important to have clear and defined levels of access and permissions in the space. This ensures that space users have the appropriate level of access to complete their tasks while also protecting sensitive information.

There are 3 levels of access to a space

  • owner
  • member
  • visitor

Each time you want to add a user to the space, you need to decide what level of access to the space the user will need.

Only space users can see and enter the space. The space is invisible to other users.

Space users permissions

Each level of access to the space is associated with different permissions. These are listed in the following table.

Owner Member Visitor
see space views
create space views personal views personal views
see activity stream
export space to file
follow space/grouping/card
card actions all all comments only
documents manage manage
archive manage manage
document sources manage
manage users
manage custom fields
manage card statuses
space settings


Yes, use KanBo roles to decide who is responsible for different KanBo areas like global settings or document sources.

To view the space, you must be a space user, which means you have one of three levels of access to this space. 

Yes. You can add external users to your spaces.

Yes, you can add users to each space separately and decide what level of access they have.

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