Sending Emails to KanBo Card or Space

The Incoming Email feature allows you to send emails to a space or directly to a card. This email will become a new card or its contents will be added to an existing card.

Incoming Emails in spaces

Create a new card by sending an email to the space.

Create an email adress

  1. Open the space.
  2. Go to the space menu by clicking More (three-dot menu button).
  1. Select Settings.
  2. Choose Incoming emails.
  3. Click Add.
  1. Enter a custom name or let it be generated automatically.
  2. Choose a template (default or your own).
  3. Click on Add.

Send an email to the space

Copy the space email address to the clipboard and send an email.

  1. Open the space.
  2. Go to the space menu by clicking More (three-dot menu button).
  1. Select Get email address.

The space email address will be copied to the clipboard.

After sending the email, you should wait for 5 minutes (or another time that is set for the Incoming Email by your administrator).

Add extra information in the subject using "#" and "@". With #labelname, you can create a label for the new card. Use @mentions to assign users to the card. It works with the @Name Surname and @Surname of the user.

Incoming emails in cards

Add content to cards by sending emails to them.

  1. Open the space.
  2. Enter the card.
  3. Click the three-dot menu button.
  4. Select Get email address.
  1. Proceed in the same way as for space email (from step 5.).

Tips & tricks

  • Incoming emails won’t work when there is no grouping in a space.
  • If any of your email addresses are under a spam attack, please change your public/private address to a new one and inform all people that should know the new address. Optionally you can set up some additional spam filter rules on your Exchange/Office 365. You could also add a rule to delete all emails that are older than 48 hours to keep the KanBo incoming mailbox clean.

If you would like to install the Incoming Emails functionality, please read the installation manual here. Contact us at with any questions.


Yes, you can send an email directly to the space which will result in creating a new card.

Yes, you can use #labelname to create a label and @Name to assign users to the card in your email message to the space.

You need an administrator to install the Incoming Emails functionality. Once it’s installed, you can set up your incoming email addresses.

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