User Activity Stream

The activity stream is a universal feature that is available on a card, in a space, and associated with each user. User activity stream is a record of all activities performed by a particular user. Each user in KanBo can view their own activity stream. Positions on the list tell you what activities were performed where and when.

Each position contains links to the cards and spaces where it took place. This gives you quick access to the most recent work.

You can also see the activity of other users but on one condition. You will only see the activity that has taken place in spaces you have access to.

Open user activity stream

To see the user activity stream:

  1. Click on the user’s avatar anywhere in KanBo.
  2. Select Activity.

You can open your own activity stream in the same way.

Learn how to use it

The user activity stream consists of a list of actions in chronological order, with associated cards and spaces, and assigned dates.

  • You can change the way actions are displayed by setting different detail levels.
  • You can add a bookmark to important actions to save it for yourself.

When you hover over a date (e.g. 3 hours ago, 2 months ago) you will see the exact date and hour of action.


You can only see the actions that take place on the spaces and cards that you have access to. You cannot see all of the actions that other users perform in KanBo.

Yes, you can customize the way activities are displayed in the activity stream by setting different detail levels.

Yes, it is possible to see the exact date and time of the activity in the activity stream by hovering over the date displayed.

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