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Quick Actions refer to a set of convenient and time-saving shortcuts that allow users to perform card actions from the space level without having to navigate through multiple menus or options.

To perform a Quick Action, click the status icon on the card front and select the desired option.

With quick actions, you can:

  1. Change the card name
  2. Add and remove members
  3. Change card statuses
  4. Add or remove labels
  5. Adjust a start date
  6. Adjust a due date
  7. Add child cards

When you click on the three-dots button on the upper right corner, the list of the next seven actions will show up:

  1. Move the card
  2. Copy the card
  3. Create a template out of this card
  4. Archive the card
  5. Delete the card
  6. Add to My Space
  7. Follow the card

This feature is not available at every space view.
Quick Actions work at:

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