Creating Gantt Chart View

Only space owners can create shared space views, but any space user can create personal space views.

To create a Gantt Chart view:

  1. Open the space.
  2. Open the drop-down menu at the space view button.
  3. Click on the + Add view button.
  1. Select the Gantt chart option.
  2. Enter a name.

Please note that you can add as many views of this kind as you need. You can decide if they are personal or shared.

  1. Click Add to confirm.

Note, that cards will be visible, if they have card dates set. A start date and a due date set the time frame for the task. At least a due date is required for a card to appear.


Yes, you can create two Kanban views, Mind Map views, etc. If you need an additional view due to visual issues and for your convenience, check also how to create a personal view.

Yes, you can duplicate a space or make a space template using an existing space. Then you can create new spaces based on that template.

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