Changing the Order of Space Views

Arrange the space views according to your preference and frequency of use. Drag&drop can be used to change the sequence of the views.

Remember to save the changes.

If a change is made to an existing view (e.g. filter sorting or hiding the list in the Kanban view), you will see the unsaved changes notification. It appears at the top of the space.

If you want to keep the changes, select the Save option. If you choose to Discard your recent steps, the view will not be overwritten with changes.

You cannot save the changes to the shared space view if you are not the space owner.


Spaces are collections of cards that allow you to organize and visualize work. A space can be a product, project, resource, or organizational structure that is under continuous development. One space can have many different space views.

Yes, you can create two or more Kanban views, etc. If you need an additional view due to visual issues, and for your convenience, see also how to create a personal view.

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